How to upload assets in bulk

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How to upload assets in bulk

Messagepar jesuslewis » Jeu Août 10, 2017 8:33 am


I try to avoid the asset manager all together as I feel it is essentially impossible to work with as is. Its not really possible to delete assets and any time you wish to edit an asset (cropping etc) you must re-upload and re-link.

Before long your asset manager starts to look extremely cluttered, even with correct tagging and naming conventions. This especially so if you then factor in multiple projects (in our case 3-4 a week).

Instead I upload project assets to my FTP and link to them as an external link. This way I can chop and change at will and see instant results in my course (with a full cache refresh). Once I am happy I will copy the assets to my exported course folder and edit the path in framework.

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