Skill Haste on Vest.

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Skill Haste on Vest.

Messagepar jesuslewis » Lun Août 14, 2017 9:50 am


At the recalibration station it gives the possible values of skill haste on a Vest as 7-9%. Roughly 40 million credits later, I have yet to roll a 9% value. Is this bugged? Is the cap actually 8%? If so, how about changing the listed value on the recalibration station.

None of my friends I have talked to have a vest with 9% and neither do I. I am thinking the recalibration is bugged on this particular major attribute though like you suggest, as I spent another 10 million and still no 9% option, just constant 7 and 8. I mean hell, there are only 3 options for it, compared to something like crit damage, which I have had no problem getting a max roll, it may take awhile but I get there. This has been insane(and if bugged should give us a credit on some funds spent, I am hesitant to keep trying until I find out what is up with this).

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