What's the best way to charge my MacBook in the car?

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What's the best way to charge my MacBook in the car?

Messagepar yitagee » Mer Avr 10, 2019 5:32 am

Can I charge my MacBook in the car?
how do i charge MacBook pro in my car?
What's the best way to charge my MacBook in the car?

Nowadays, More and more people use their notebooks outdoors, but when I drive my car outdoors and need to work, the power of the notebook is often not enough. Is it possible to purchase an adaptor that will run your laptop much like your cell phone charger, that plugs into the same type of car outlet that your cell phone charger does?

Image[align=left]You need a 12V power inverter, but not just any inverter.Units that output 80W of constant power will charge your laptop when it is off, but will not work properly while in use. Most cheap inverters advertise their “peak” capability, which is a useless number. Divide it in half to get the alleged constant power rating. I still would not trust that number. The 150W peak inverters are in reality 75–80W units, which are mostly useless.[/align][align=left]Ideally, you want an inverter that has a cigarette lighter plug but is rated to output at least 100W of constant power. I use and recommend this unit:[/align][align=left]Potek 500W Power Inverter with USB Charging. It charges my 17″ laptop while in use. It also has a low power shutoff feature so it will not over-drain my vehicle battery.[/align]


1、Potek 500W Power Inverter


1.Never run the inverter with any loads higher than 150W via the cigarette lighter outlet in your vehicles
2.please use the battery clamp cable with connection directly to the 12V battery while you run any loads higher 150W but lower than 500W
3.Do not use high power electric devices such as hair dryers,electric heaters,curling irons,vacuum Connect the inverter to a battery
4.Please do not leave the power inverter in the ON position while your car is off.
5.Disconnect the positive battery terminal before doing any wiring to the inverter.
6.Keep the unit away from water and flammable material or in any location whichmay accumulate flammable fumes or gases.
7.To reduce risk of electric shock, unplug unit from outlet before attempting any maintenance or cleaning. Turning off controls will not reduce this risk.
8.The inverter draws low amperage from the battery with the main ON/OFF switch turned on and no load connected. To prevent battery discharge,turn the inverter off when you are not using it.
9.Only connect the power inverter to a 12V battery or power supply.
10.Do not let the inverter into sunlight directly, keep it in cool environment.
11.Don’t use the inverter with a product that draws a higher wattage the inverter can provide,as this may cause damage to the inverter and product.

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What's the best way to charge my MacBook in the car?
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