Internet speed running at 200KB's, please help!

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Internet speed running at 200KB's, please help!

Messagepar jesuslewis » Mar Août 08, 2017 8:20 am


Ive been putting up with slow internet for a while now with talktalk, just not had the time to sort it out properly but now I do. I have tried everything possible to my knowledge to increase the speed to no pro vale, its driving me mad we can only do one thing at a time online! Im currently using chrome. So a few things I have done so far.. I have replaced the router and microfilters twice and replaced the Ethernet cables linked to my pc and xbox, before conducting a speed test I have turned off everything in the house that would interrupt the speed also. Used spybot and malwarebytes on PC to clean it up. I made sure there is no physical interference to the router. My post code is tq13 9gy if that is any help, sorry if this is a bit vague, if u need any extra information please feel free to ask me.

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